3 Best Tips to Get Rid of the “Sitting Disease” in the Workplace
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3 Best Tips to Get Rid of the “Sitting Disease” in the Workplace

3 Best Tips to Get Rid of the “Sitting Disease” in the Workplace
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Sitting disease in the workplace is a new and upcoming challenge for society. Sitting too long at your desk may help you pay bills or achieve your self-actualization goals but it is also going to cost your health.  

According to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reports, one out of four American adults sit for more than eight hours a day. On average, they sit for 11 hours a day, where most of the time is spent working at their desk.  This shows how quickly the sitting disease is spreading in the workplace.  

Here are some tips to prevent the spread of sitting disease in the workplace. 

Take Breaks in Between 

You can take breaks in between your work to get your body moving. For example, you can walk around or stand while receiving your phone calls.  

Another thing you can do is set up a timer to get up and move every hour. You can also take exercise breaks every now and then. Tricep dips and wall-sits are a few workouts you can try if you’re working from the office. 

Compensate for a Sedentary Lifestyle 

Well, nothing can compensate for a sedentary lifestyle. But you can do a few things throughout the day to avoid deteriorating your health.  

Try sitting with a proper posture first. Keep your back straight, put your feet down, and don’t slouch. The next thing you can do is get moving. For example, instead of taking the elevator, you can take the stairs. While parking your vehicle, you can park away from the door.  

Similarly, while filling up your water bottle, you can choose the farthest water filter. 

Make Your Workplace Flexible 

Nowadays, you have got many options to make your workplace flexible. For example, you can turn it into a completely sit-free zone by using a standing desk or treadmill desk. You can also turn it into a sit/stand zone by investing in sit/stand desks.   

While using a standing desk, you need to take it slow first. Stand every hour for ten minutes and then gradually increase your time. Make sure that you’re comfortable enough to work while standing rather than sitting.  

The sitting disease can negatively affect your health and may result in less productivity. Eventually, the company will also get affected and may not perform efficiently. However, you can fill in those gaps by using the tips discussed here and successfully avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. 

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