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How Slack Helps the Sales Teams

How Slack Helps the Sales Teams
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Let’s admit it. We use Slack and we are the proud Sales Team!

What is Slack?

From what initially started as a messaging application developed and used by Stewart Butterfield’s company Tiny Speck, Slack has advanced to a communication tool for business purposes. Later bought by Salesforce, the app has grown to become one of the key communication tools for sales teams around the world.

Slack offers Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to the users organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging features.

Why Slack?

Here are some of the features of Slack the sales teams like the most and utilize in their daily communications with the clients.


Slack Teams allow a group of users to communicate together. It can be considered as a shared workspace where sales members can report, discuss, analyze, or interpret information at any time.


As a communication tool, Slack can be used for messaging leads, prospects, or customers in a group or individually. In business, the messaging function can replace long-winded emails with instant messaging. As more customers prefer personalized interaction, Slack offers a unique mode to get to the right salesperson faster.


One of the recent additions to Slack, Huddles is an audio-first individual or group communication method where messages are spoken and not typed. While the free versions only include two people to communicate at once, the paid versions allow up to 50. It can create quick, informal discussions on the spot and notify the members of the group.

Sales teams can have fast team discussions on urgent issues or just the morning briefings with Huddles.

API and Integrations

Slack provides application programming interface (API) solutions that can automate processes. It can work based on human inputs and conditions for activation. For example, alerts, internal notifications, support tickets, or conditional messaging.

This communication tool can also integrate itself with multiple common solutions available in the market for ease of usage. For example, Google Drive, Dropbox, Zendesk, etc.

Slack and Sales Team

The integration of Slack with Salesforce has opened a new door for the sales teams to communicate and understand the customers better.

Learn About Lost Deals

Any opportunity marked as “Closed Lost” in Salesforce can be reflected in Slack. Further communication with the lead can help the sales team to understand why the deal was lost and how it can be avoided.

Share the Gains

Slack can be used to share not only the losses but also the victories among the team members. The sales-gong rings for when the target is achieved, conversions are made, personal achievements made, or anything else.

Share the Experience

Sharing gains is fine but if you can also share the experience then it is better. Slack helps user to share their experiences among team members or within the company in a secure environment.


Slack can group customers and sales teams under one roof. With people from various industries or verticals, the information, queries, discussions, debates, or conferences are bound to be a rich learning experience for both sides. Sales reps can gather different perspectives on the issues and appreciate the patronship of the customers directly.

Final Thoughts

Slack is not the only communication tool out there. But what makes slack different from others is that it can mix work and some entertainment. Sales teams need to be on edge when it comes to customer interaction. Any change in the terrain can affect the business. Communication tools like Slack keep the professional and personal touch alive while helping to strengthen loyalty and relationships.

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